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Trying to Stay Calm and Centered while Waiting for Spring

March 18, 2019

Trying to Stay Calm and Centered while Waiting for Spring

I don’t know about how things go for your family, but 11 days snowed into the house during the big storm felt like a LONG time for me and my son. We were both going a little crazy.

A small thing I could do to keep my sanity was to slip on a piece of jewelry that reminds me to stay calm and centered.

One of my favorite designs for The Blissful Co. is this inspirational Spirit Wing Necklace. It’s a powerful combination: a clear quartz crystal framed by feathered wings in the form of a rising phoenix. It’s statement jewelry that’s relevant to your life, a reminder of your inner power.

It’s my go-to for days when my spirits are dragging. I reach for it when I’m feeling the need for extra strength, clarity, or healing. Or when I want to connect with my imagination and feel a sense of freedom.

I needed that a lot during the snowstorm.

We had a massive one recently, the most significant accumulation our area has seen in decades.

In our region, communities don’t own enough equipment to clear the streets when the weather dumps snow and ice on us. It just happens so infrequently. So when it really snows, everything closes down. Everyone is grounded.

School was canceled Monday through Thursday. We had a bunch of fun playing in the snow. It was the perfect kind for sledding and snowball fights and snow angels. It was beautifully clumped on evergreen branches. Idyllic wintertime photos filled my social media feeds.

On Friday, schools opened two hours late. Since my son’s school was scheduled for an release early that day,he was only in school for an hour and a half total. The following Monday and Tuesday, he was off for mid-winter break.

The novelty of the snow had long since wore off, and we were still stuck.

I don’t know about how things go for your family, but an 11-day inadvertent break felt like a long time. We were both going a little crazy.

We struggled to fill the time, to not overload on screen time, to stay connected to each other.

And as far as business, did it ever upset the balance.

Trying to get it all done is a delicate affair anyway, as all the mom-entrepreneurs will tell you. I feel like I’m always trying to be enough for all the pieces of my life. Parenting and business both demand a lot of time and none of that time overlaps. At the end of the day, I usually feel like I sacrificed one or the other.

I want to be there for my kiddo, to give him my clear and focused attention. That means I’m always running, trying to find the most efficient way to run my business, to find the time to get all the tasks finished, all the laces tied up.

At the same time, I try to leave spaces in my calendar so I can stay open and be creative. It’s tricky. I need to carve out time to create new earrings and hoops and necklace designs while also staying on top of orders and administrative work. It takes a lot to make it all function properly.

That’s where the symbolism of this necklace comes in. It grounds me to see a the masculine linear energy I need for business combined with the nurturing mother energy—the spiritual liftoff of phoenix wingsI need to be a parent and creator. Wearing this piece makes me believe that I can do both, makes me see how well they complement each other.

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