Our Story

Hello! I’m Annie, the creator, founder, and designer behind The Blissful Co.

All pieces at The Blissful Co. are carefully handcrafted.  We are committed to maintaining the ethical and sustainable practices upheld through Fair Trade standards. As we continue to grow we aim to provide even more economic opportunities for artisans, supporting their craft and cultural survival. Each piece is made by our small team of artisans.  We do small-batch wax casting in sterling silver and in brass, as well as hand-carved sustainably-harvested Mother Of Pearl and Areng Wood. Each piece of semi-precious stone we use in our jewelry is carefully hand selected for clarity and symmetry.

How did we get to where we are now?  Let me take you back a bit...

It’s been more than a decade since I witnessed Balinese metalsmiths at work for the first time.

I had just finished an apprenticeship with a highly skilled jeweler in California. During the three years I spent with her, I observed, learned, and developed my skills at the bench working with silver, gold, and stones. When I headed to southeast Asia, I wasn’t yet sure what I would do with my skills and my desire to create, but I knew I wanted to spend my life making beautiful things and collaborating and learning from people who want to do the same.

The most blissful experience for me is the creative experience, whether it’s with oils, acrylics, clay, textile, or metals. Designing and creating are the instruments I’ve used to cut a path and find my place in the world and the tools I use to connect with other people.

I chose Bali specifically to learn about their jewelry-making techniques. I expected to learn a lot, but I didn’t expect to be so taken with the place and the people.

Bali is one of the most special places I’ve had the privilege to experience. When I arrived, something resonated deeply in me. I was taken with the Balinese culture, with its long, rich history of art, design, and expert craftsmanship. That expertise and their long-practiced reverence for art and beauty is, for me, most fully expressed through their distinctive, expertly crafted jewelry.

I ended up spending years in Bali, learning from a wonderful group of artisans and forming lifelong friendships. During that time, an idea for a jewelry business took shape and I forged connections with a few artists who now make up The Blissful Co. team.

Since the early 2000s, I’ve been nurturing the dream that has become this company. I’m grateful every day for the opportunity to work as an artist, to create beautiful pieces alongside our skilled jewelry artisans and to make these miniature pieces of art available to people who also believe in beauty, quality, fairness, and self-expression.

Each piece is designed by me and made by hand, exclusively for The Blissful Co. We do small-batch wax casting in sterling silver and brass. We embellish some pieces with hand-carved, sustainably harvested mother-of-pearl and areng wood. Each piece of semi-precious stone is carefully hand-selected for clarity and symmetry.

As a company, we’re committed to the ethical and sustainable practices of fair trade standards. I’m very proud of the fact that, as our company has grown, we’ve been able to provide more and more economic opportunities for artisans. I’m thrilled that this work continues to support the artists, their craft, and their cultural survival.

I design earrings and pendants, rings and bracelets with luxury, celebration, and breezy, open design in mind—qualities I observed and experienced daily when I was on the island. I want each piece to make you feel empowered and unique and to enrich your everyday life with beauty.

We hope you find just what you’re looking for—or something completely new—that resonates with you and brings you deep joy.

Best Wishes,


bio pic the blissful co

Design and Production Process
It all starts with a sketch....

gingko leaf earrings the blissful co

Then we start carving it in wax.

wax carving process.  the blissful co.

And a beautiful design emerges!

gingko leaf earrings the blissful co

We make a mold from the wax carving and cast each
piece in either sterling silver or brass.  The ear-wire
is soldered on, and after several stages of cleaning
and polishing we finally have a beautiful pair of

gingko leaf earrings the blissful co

Thanks for taking a peek!