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Dainty Eternity Circle Necklace Gold


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Dainty minimalist gold circle pendant necklace. 14/20 Gold filled necklace chain.

The circle is such a personal symbol as it means something different to each of us at different phases of our lives. This necklace can be seen as a gold ring symbolizing eternity, eternal love, commitment, and marriage. At the end of life it symbolizes eternity of spirit, memorializing and remembering a loved one.
This necklace can be a cherished gift to yourself, or a friend or loved one, at any phase of life. During checkout you can add a free personalized gift message to your order.

The necklace chain and clasp are made entirely in 14/20 Gold-Fill. The pendant is small-batch wax-cast in solid artisan brass. Brass is the perfect metal for this pendant as it will forever keep it's gold-tone and it stays cleaner and shinier the more you touch it!