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Our Story

The Blissful Co. is a female founded company. Each piece is carefully handcrafted both in our Northern California studio and by two special artisans on the magical island of Bali. We are committed to maintaining the ethical and sustainable practices upheld through Fair Trade standards. As we continue to grow we aim to provide even more economic opportunities for our artisans, supporting their craft and cultural survival.  We do small-batch wax casting in sterling silver (recycled silver when possible) and in raw brass, as well as hand-carved sustainably-harvested Mother Of Pearl and Areng Wood. Each piece of semi-precious stone we use in our jewelry is carefully hand selected for clarity and symmetry.

We believe in beauty, fairness, self-expression, and quality.  We hope you find just what you’re looking for—or something completely new—that resonates with you and brings you deep joy.


Annie  + The Blissful Co. Team


Design and Production Process
It all starts with a sketch....

gingko leaf earrings the blissful co

Then we start carving it in wax.

wax carving process.  the blissful co.

And a beautiful design emerges!

gingko leaf earrings the blissful co

We make a mold from the wax carving and cast each
piece in either sterling silver or brass.  The ear-wire
is soldered on, and after several stages of cleaning
and polishing we finally have a beautiful pair of

gingko leaf earrings the blissful co

Thanks for taking a peek!