Free USA SHIPPING over $35 * All orders ship within 2 business days.

Free USA SHIPPING over $35 * All orders ship within 2 business days.


What kind of materials do you use?

We proudly use recycled silver whenever possible. Check out our Buyer's Guide to Sterling Silver.

We use only real 925sterling silver for our jewelry. This metal is 92.5% sterling silver (hence the number designation) combined with copper.

This is standard practice across the industry. Silver needs to be combined with other metals because on its own, silver is so soft that it won’t keep its shape. That little bit of copper allows us to create the intricate designs that make our jewelry unique.

Our silver contains NO NICKELto ensure that people with this sensitivity will not have an allergic reaction to our products.These solid sterling silver hand crafted spiral earrings are our top sellers.

All of our Mother of Pearl is ethically and sustainably farm grown and harvested. Mother of pearl is a smooth, shining, iridescent substance forming the inner layer of some shells. It is strong, resilient, and iridescent. Since it is made by nature, each pair is unique; color may vary slightly from bright white, to a warm antique golden color. The unique organic beauty of each pair of earrings is dazzling. All pairs are matched to nicely mirror one another on the ears.

Can you tell me more about brass jewelry?

Yes! Nearly all of our brass earrings feature .925 sterling silver posts or ear-stems, ensuring that all earrings are hypoallergenic.

When it’s cared for and polished, brass jewelry will last forever.All brass pieces are solid brass. The natural gold appearance of brass will never fade. However, brass will tarnish over time. You can always restore brass to a high shine with a polishing cloth.

PROS: Brass has remained a timeless jewelry staple for nearly as long as jewelry itself has existed. Brass boasts a beautiful, distinctive golden appearance that never fades. It is durable and affordable. In contrast, 14K gold plated jewelry features a very thin layer of gold on the surface of a base metal, inevitably leading to fading over time. Solid brass jewelry, on the other hand, retains its color and shine indefinitely, making it a great choice for lasting beauty. In addition, brass is harder and more scratch-resistant than sterling silver.

CONS: Brass will naturally tarnish over time and requires regular maintenance using a polishing cloth, or various natural cleaning methods. Storing brass in an airtight pouch can help prevent the formation of tarnish.

It’s possible for brass to temporarily discolor the skin, but it’s completely harmless - let me explain: Brass is made up of copper and zinc. The copper can oxidize, forming a faint greenish layer of copper carbonate on the skin. This doesn’t happen to everyone, but it’s possible especially with rings or bracelets that fit snug against the skin while exposed to humidity. Again, it is completely harmless and will quickly fade away when you wash your skin with water. Some people like to coat the inner surface of rings and bracelets with product like clear nail polish, beeswax, or renaissance wax. This creates a protective layer and prevents the skin from changing color.

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. It contains no nickel, so most people are not allergic to brass. However, if you’re allergic to copper, you are most likely allergic to brass as well.

Brass jewelry offers a wonderful low-cost alternative to gold. Brass possesses a natural golden glow akin to 14K gold.

At The Blissful Co., most brass earrings feature 925 Sterling Silver ear-wires, ensuring hypoallergenic wear for all.

Being an alloy of copper and zinc, brass is also nickel-free, making it suitable for most individuals without causing skin reactions. Though brass may tarnish over time, it can be easily restored to its original brilliance. A quick polish before each wear using an inexpensive jewelry polishing cloth will keep them looking radiant. This budget-friendly option allows you to enjoy the warm radiance of 14K gold without breaking the bank.

How do I store my new jewelry?

Jewelry made from natural materials will discolor over time.
So the best way to keep it looking great is to keep it away from humidity, air, and heat.

If you have a small zip-top bag, keeping your piece in it is an effective way to keep it looking like new.

Make sure your jewelry is dry and free of dirt, oils, and grime before you store it away.

The main drawback of sleeping in your jewelry is that it can come in contact with soaps, moisturizers, sunscreen, sprays, dirt, and oils which will accelerate tarnishing. You'll also want to be careful of bending or misshaping with certain styles, but for the most part sleeping in your jewelry is okay. Polishing your jewelry regularly will remove any tarnish and restore its brilliant shine.

How do I care for my new jewelry?

Classic silver piecesare must-haves in your jewelry collection. But real silver tarnishes quickly. Storing your silver in individual plastic zip-lock pouches will keep them bright for a long time. But if you prefer to display your silver bracelets, earrings, and necklaces you’ll need to keep the tarnish in check.

KEEP A POLISHING CLOTH NEARBY.You can keep your silver looking smart by polishing it after every wearing with a microfiber polishing cloth. A Polishing Cloth removes dirt and oils that contribute to tarnish and returns luster to your silver, brass, and gold jewelry. Store it near your jewelry, and you’ll be able to work out light tarnish on an as-needed basis. Polish your jewelry after each wearing and it will help you stay on top of it. They run about$2.50 per cloth. I like the 'sunshine polishing cloth'.

PROFESSIONAL-GRADE POLISHING WAX WILL KEEP SILVER BRIGHT.Renaissance Wax, a high-quality, professional-grade polishing wax, works just as well on silver and gold as it does on brass. Use it to clean away the spots and to coat your silver with a thin layer of wax that discourages tarnish. Museums and other institutions use it to clean and preserve fine articles around the world. I love it for keeping silver bright and beautiful.

A jar, which costs about $16.00, will last for years.

Brass is one of my favorites. Its deep, yellow warmth is versatile and it has a satisfying heft that adds a sophisticated accent to almost any outfit. As brass ages, however, it will tarnish. The good news is that you can always return brass to a high shine.

Brass will tarnish over time, so it’s important to polish it regularly using a polishing cloth embedded with a polish compound. Store it in an air-tight pouch to prevent tarnishing. Remember, tarnish won't permanently damage your jewelry; it can always be restored to a high shine through polishing. Every order comes with a small polishing cloth!

Water won't permanently damage your jewelry, but its pH level, along with soap, might accelerate tarnishing.Simply wipe it with a polishing cloth to remove tarnish and restore its brilliant shine.

Try a more affordable brass cleaner.Can’t justify the pricey stuff? There’s a less expensive alternative. Drop by your local hardware store and ask for a brass cleaner. Though not specifically a jewelry cleaner, it will clean your earrings as well as it does candlesticks or cabinet hardware.

Follow the safety precautions on the label and use only on the portions of your jewelry that are not in continuous contact with your skin. Avoid using on ear posts, the inner surface of a ring or bracelet, necklace chains, and the like. If you have sensitive skin, use one of the other cleaning methods.

A bottle typically runs about $6.00Invest in a high-quality wax polish.For stubborn bits of tarnish, I like Renaissance Wax. This professional-grade polishing wax cleans away the spots and leaves a thin protective coating behind that prevents the formation of tarnish. Museums and other institutions use it to clean and preserve fine articles around the world. It will work beautifully for your jewelry, too.

One little jar, which runs about $16.00, will last for years.

DIY your brass care.Materials that you already have at home can shine your brass jewelry, too.

Here are my favorite natural cleaning methods:

1. Scrub your brass jewelry with warm soapy water and a toothbrush to remove dirt and oils. Dry with a soft towel and buff with a microfiber polishing cloth.

2. If there's still tarnish, coat brass pieces with thin layer of a tomato-based product, such as ketchup or tomato sauce. (The acid in tomatoes helps loosen tarnish.) Allow it to sit for at least an hour. Clean with hot, soapy water.

3. Grab a lemon, cut it in half, and sprinkle salt over the cut surface. Rub the salted surface directly on the jewelry. Re-salt the lemon and repeat as necessary. When the tarnish has lifted, buff with a soft dry cloth.

All wood pieces in our collection are hand-carved. Treat each piece like a little sculpture. Store it in a dry, safe place and make sure it’s not kept in a jumble with other pieces that could damage any delicate edges.
To care for your wooden jewelry, condition the wood periodically by rubbing a bit of olive or coconut oil into the wood to keep it from drying or cracking.

Mother of pearl is one of the most enchanting materials we use. All pieces are hand-carved miniature sculptures, so keep them in a dedicated place that’s dry and safe.
Mother of pearl is a natural material that can collect fingerprints, dirt, and grime. Wipe it away periodically with a microfiber polishing cloth. If you find more stubborn spots on the fragile surface, try cleaning with warm, soapy water and a soft-bristled brush.

I have some questions about my new earrings.

Yes! All of our earrings - even those made of brass - have sterling silver hypoallergenic ear-wires. We want to make sure that as many people as possible can enjoy our designs.

Yes. We use 18 gauge wire on all of our earrings. The industry defines ‘standard’ as anywhere between 22- and 18-gauge wire.
In our experience, only a tiny minority of people with particularly small piercings cannot wear our earrings. About 99% of our customers can wear 18-gauge wires.
We use the thickest possible standard wire because it’s necessary for the stability of our designs. It gives us the freedom to design earrings with really long ear-wires that won’t bend out of shape. Thicker wire also gives our craftspeople a larger connection point for soldering the wire to the decorative part of the earring.

One of the most appealing things about some of our earring designs is the long, curved ear wires.

Since these wires are primarily made from sterling silver, they can bend if not stabilized when inserted into the ear, or when threading backings onto the ear wires. Sterling silver is a bit more malleable than a base metal but it’s also the best material for sensitive skin.

To put on earrings with long ear-wires, think about threading them through your piercing. Grasp the wire at the closest point to your piercing, and slowly thread it through. As you continue to move the wire through your piercing, work your finger and thumb up the wire, close to the ear. This will stabilize the earring and keep it from bending out of shape. Take them off the same way in reverse.

Some designs, like our spirals, need special backings. These earrings come with sturdy rubber backings that slide easily up the long ear-wires to snug up against the back of the ear. If you need to replace them, you can find them at the Rio Grande website (Item number 631018). The trick: cut off the tip of the rubber backing before using them.

Ugh! I’m sorry to hear you lost an earring. I provide backings with every order, but I understand that things happen. Sometimes we forget to put on backings, other times we carefully set our earrings down, only to find a lonesome single earring sitting there upon our return; it’s mate mysteriously nowhere to be found…

Just send us a convo and we’ll create a special listing for you to purchase a single earring at half price.

*If you purchase hand-carved wood or mother-of-pearl earrings, we may not be able to create a single for you, as all of these earrings are created as pairs. If we were to send you a single hand carved earring, it likely would not match exactly with the one remaining earring you’re holding onto.

How do I choose the length of my necklace?

It can be difficult to tell from an online photo where a particular necklace chain will fall on you or on the person you’re buying for. The best way to decide is to simulate the length by draping a piece of yarn or string around your neck and bringing it together in front where you’d like the ornament to hang. Remove the string, keeping your fingers on the points where it came together, and measure. Then check our chart and order the length that’s the closest.

Do you accept returns and exchanges?

+Contact us within 14 days of receiving your order.
+Return item within 21 days.
+To qualify for a refund, all items must be unworn, in the same condition in which you received them.
+Items must be returned in original packaging.

Conditions of return:

Buyer is responsible for return shipping costs. If the item is not returned in its original condition, the buyer is responsible for any loss in value.

If there’s a problem with your order or item, we will make it right! Shoot us an email at info@theblissful.coand explaining the situation. We'll get back to you as soon as possible!

How do you package your products?

Your order will be packed in a silver linen foil-covered jewelry box and placed in a muslin pouch. All our jewelry boxes and padded mailers are made from a minimum of 50% post-consumer content and are recyclable.

We try to be as eco-friendly as we can be! If you'd like each piece packed in its own box, leave us a message during checkout. Otherwise, we'll default to our environmentally friendly packaging practice of including multiple pieces in one box when possible.

Yes! Options beyond our standard packaging are available. We can wrap your gift and even even hand write a brief note to the recipient on your behalf! Just leave us a note during checkout to let us know that you’d like your order gift wrapped. We will also provide, free of charge, a small 2” by 2” gift card. Just include the the note and we’ll hand write it for you.

We only send electronic receipts to the buyer. That helps us save paper and makes it easy for you to conceal the price from your loved one. (No fishing out the receipt or hurrying to remove a price tag!)

Wholesale orders

We do! Please send an email to We’d love to hear what you have in mind!