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14K Gold Filled Mini Hoops - Two Sets of Earrings | 20g Small Gold Silver Hoops | Sleepers | Nose Rings | Cartilage Hoops


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• Men's or Women's Earrings
• Two sets of Tiny Hoop Earrings
• (4 earrings in total)
• 14K gold-filled or sterling silver.

When you select a quantity of '1' you will receive two pairs of hoops.

- The model is wearing 9mm and 8mm hoops.
- You'll receive one set of 9mm hoops and one set of 8mm hoops unless you choose custom sizes.
- If you want custom sizes, write them in "notes to seller" upon purchase.
- Sizes 8mm - 11mm available.

Perfect for every-day wear, the kind of earrings you leave in for weeks if not months. These hoops can be worn in the ear, tragus, nose, lip, or cartilage. High-quality, simple, and versatile.

-20 gauge wire (this is the thickness of the wire itself, the 'size' of the hoop refers to the diameter of the hoop).


We measure these hoops by the inner diameter (from inner edge to inner edge). To help you get a better sense of sizing, the diameter of an of an un-used pencil eraser-head is equal to the inner diameter of our 7mm hoops. I suggest you grab a metric ruler, paper, and pencil to get a better idea of sizing. Please note, fit will also depend on your particular earlobes and location of piercings. If your ear is pierced high on the lobe and you have thicker earlobes, the hoops will fit more snuggly than if you have thin lobes and/or have piercings that are lower on the earlobes.


14K Gold Filled - is regulated by the Federal Trade Commission. It must have a layer of 14K gold that mechanically heat bonded to a base metal, usually brass. The gold must be 1/20 (5%) of the item's total weight. It's value is greater than gold-plated jewelry because it has an actual layer of 14K gold bonded to the base metal rather than just a microscopic film of gold covering it. The gold layer makes the jewelry very tarnish resistant, much more so than sterling silver jewelry.

Sterling Silver - has a silver content that is at least 92.5% of its total weight. The other 7.5% is made up of copper. The copper is added for the purpose of hardening the silver. Pure silver is generally too soft to use for jewelry making.

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