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Tiny Leaf Hoop Earrings - Gold & Sterling Silver - 14mm Olive Leaf Sleeper Hoops (232GP)


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Our tiny solid sterling silver hoop earrings are inspired by the love of nature and peace. They feature a cascade of olive leaves - the worldwide symbol of peace since ancient times. The simple, classic, versatile design makes them a great gift for any jewelry lover.

• Tiny Leaf Hoop Earrings
• 14mm diameter hoops.
• One pair.


1. Solid 925 Sterling Silver
2. Gold-tone (brass) petals with solid 925 silver ear-wires.
3. Gold Plated = Sold artisan brass design soldered to 925 silver ear-wire and then plated entirely in 14K gold.


Sleeper hoops have a delicate seamless closure and are best for long-term wear. Do you want easy and comfortable little hoops that you don't have to take off every day? If so, these are for you. To ensure the longevity of your earrings follow the 'how to open' directions below and the 'how to open' image.


• To open your tiny hoops, find the opening where the 2 ends meet and hold each side of the ring, either side of the opening, one side in each hand. Then, at the same time, move one hand towards your body and the other hand away from your body. This creates the 'twist', and opens the ring. Twist the two ends of the hoop only a few MILLIMETERS apart, just enough to slip the hoop through your piercing. Close the hoop by simply twisting the two ends back together using the same technique. :)

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