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Crescent Moon Necklace Gold (284G)


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Gift this necklace to someone who needs a bit of extra glow in their world.
The Moon lights up romantic evenings, pulls at the ocean tides, and represents the strength and clarity of our inner and outer worlds.
Pendant measures: 14mm tall x 5mm wide.

1. Solid Sterling Silver .925 necklace chain and pendant.
2. 14/20 Gold Filled necklace chain with 14k gold-plated pendant.

Simulate the length by draping a piece of yarn or string around your neck and bringing it together in the back where you'd normally clasp the necklace. Remove the string, keeping your fingers on the points where it came together, and measure the length of string with a ruler.

 If you'd like a custom length, just select the closest length in the drop down menu, and then during checkout you'll find a space to leave a "note to seller". Write the exact length in that spot.