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Feathered Hoop Earrings - Mother of Pearl with Gold-tone bezel (324B)


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• Mother-of-pearl Earrings with gold-tone bezel.
• 4cm length, 3.5cm width

Lightweight and gorgeous! Perfect for every occasion, from everyday wear to weddings!

Ethically and sustainably harvested mother of pearl. Beautifully hand carved and set in a brass bezel with standard gauge ear-wire for all standard pierced ears. Both sides of each earring are carved with the same care and intricacy.

MATERIALS: Mother of pearl is a smooth, shining, iridescent substance forming the inner layer of some shells. It is strong, resilient, and iridescent. Since it is made by nature, each pair is unique; color may vary slightly from bright white, to a warm antique golden color. The unique organic beauty of each pair of earrings is dazzling. All pairs are matched to nicely mirror one another on the ears.
Bezel and ear-wire is artisan brass.


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