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Ginko Leaf Earrings Sterling Silver Dangle earrings


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Gingko Leaf Earrings in Solid Sterling Silver - dangle earrings
1.25 inch drop


The Ginkgo tree, sacred tree of the East, is an object of veneration, a symbol of the unity of opposites, and seen by some as a symbol of miraculous power: a bearer of hope and love. Unchanged since prehistoric times, the gingko represents changelessness and longevity.
- Adapted from 'The Ginkgo Pages'

Each solid stering silver leaf is intricately detailed on both sides.
Leaves hang from carefully shaped Sterling silver ear-wires.
For all standard ear-piercings.

Earring drop is 1.25 inches. Leaf measures 1/2 inch wide (at widest point)

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