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Gold Hoops - Two Sets - Flower petal Sleeper Earrings 9mm, 14mm - Artisan Brass w/ Silver Hoops (276B, 278B)


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Artisan Flower Petal Sleeper Earrings in Brass or Sterling Silver. Made for Cartilage, tragus, helix, daith, conch, septum. Elegant and simple little petals with artistic depth and dimension to the design. They are small enough and comfortable enough to sleep in and they'll never fall out of your ears.


• Smaller earrings have 9mm inner measurement. Outer measurement is 14mm x 14mm.
• Larger earrings have 14mm inner measurement. Outer measurement is 20mm x 20mm.


1. Solid 925 Sterling Silver
2. Gold-tone (brass) petals with solid 925 silver ear-wires.


Hold a ruler to your earlobe (starting at your piercing) and measure down to either 9mm or 14mm to see how close the inner edge of the hoop will be to your earlobe.


• Twist the ends of the hoop sideways to open like a spiral. Open ONLY A FEW MILLIMETERS APART, just enough to slip the hoop through your piercing. Close the hoop by simply twisting the two ends back together using the same technique. These earrings are best for long-term wear.



Sleeper hoops have a delicate seamless closure and are best for long-term wear. Do you want easy and comfortable little hoops that you don't have to take off every day? If so, these are for you. To ensure the longevity of your earrings follow the 'how to open' directions above and the 'how to open' image.



Periodically clean Sterling Silver and Brass with a jewelry polishing cloth to prevent tarnish buildup and keep the metal shining. Tarnish is natural, nontoxic, and can be easily removed from the surface of your jewelry. Tarnish occurs due to the metal's interaction with the environment. Various factors, such as humidity, water ph, acidity from urban air pollution, sulfites in common hair and face products, etc., can accelerate the oxidation process (tarnish) that is natural to all silver and brass jewelry. Luckily, your jewelry can quickly and easily return to a beautiful high shine with a polishing cloth such as this one:



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