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Boho Flower Hoop Earrings in Mother of Pearl - Brass Large


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• Hand-carved Pair of Flower Hoop Earrings.
• Mother-of-Pearl with gold-tone brass bezel.
• 2" drop, 2" diameter hoop.
• Backings included.

Beautifully hand-carved mother of pearl flowers. Both sides of each earring are carved with the same care and intricacy. All pairs are matched to nicely mirror one another on the ears. The unique organic beauty of each pair of earrings is dazzling. The natural color of mother-of-pearl ranges from bright white to warm antique yellow as seen in photos. Mother of pearl shell is not only beautiful, it is strong and lightweight!


EARRING FIT: Backings snug up against the back of the ear (hidden from view), and keep the earrings securely in place.

The best technique for opening and closing the earrings is to gently unlatch the ear-wire, and push the end of the wire a few millimeters to the side (rather than lifting the wire up and away from the earring), just enough to slip through the ear piercing. Slide the clear silicone bacing up the ear-wire to snug behind the ear-lobe. Then, secure the end of the ear wire into the closure.

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