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“I love gold-tone jewelry but can't afford 14K gold. Is Brass Jewelry worth it?”

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Brass has remained a timeless jewelry staple fornearly as long as jewelry has existed. 

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Brass is a great affordable alternative to gold jewelry

  • Brass possesses a natural golden glow akin to 14K gold and offers a wonderful low-cost alternative. At The Blissful Co., most brass earrings feature 925 Sterling Silver ear-wires, ensuring hypoallergenic wear for all. Brass is also nickel-free, making it suitable for most individuals without causing skin reactions. 

    Though brass may tarnish over time, it can be easily restored to its original brilliance. A quick polish before each wear using an inexpensive jewelry polishing cloth will keep them looking radiant.


    “Brass boasts a beautiful, distinctive golden appearance that never fades. It is durable and affordable.” 

    In contrast, 14K gold plated jewelry features a very thin layer of gold on the surface of a base metal, inevitably leading to fading over time. Solid brass jewelry, on the other hand, retains its color and shine indefinitely, making it a great choice for lasting beauty. This budget-friendly option allows you toenjoy the warm radiance of 14K gold without breaking the bank.


Brass jewelry will never fade

  • When it’s cared for and polished, brass jewelry will last forever. All brass pieces are solid brass.  The natural gold appearance of brass will never fade.  However, brass will tarnish over time.  You can always restore brass to a high shine with apolishing cloth. Storing brass in an airtight pouch can help prevent the formation of tarnish. In addition, brass is harder and more scratch-resistant than sterling silver.

Do your brass earrings have silver posts?

  • Yes!  Nearly all of our brass earrings feature .925 sterling silver posts or ear-stems, ensuring that all earrings are hypoallergenic.

Will brass turn my skin green?

  • Since most of our brass earrings have .925 sterling silver ear wires, they will not turn your ears green. However, it is possible, especially with rings or bracelets that fit snug against the skin while exposed to humidity. It’s temporary and completely harmless and will quickly wash off your skin with water. Brass is made up of copper and zinc. The copper can oxidize, forming a faint greenish layer of copper carbonate on the skin.


    Some people like to coat the inner surface of rings and bracelets with product like clear nail polish, beeswax, or renaissance wax. This creates a protective layer and prevents the skin from changing color.

Are people allergic to brass jewelry?

  • Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc.  It contains no nickel, so most people are not allergic to brass. However, if you’re allergic to copper, you are most likely allergic to brass as well.


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